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Got Ink Apparel Blog

Got Ink Apparel is a community brand, our shirts are designed by tattooists and tattoo influenced Illustrators from around the world. Our mission is to build the worlds largest and coolest tattoo inspired clothing line.


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SO Sam bought one of my trooper shirts from Got Ink and sent me a photo coz he’s a babe. Check it out, pretty pleased with how it looks.

You can pick these up over at the Got Ink website (click through) in either white or charcoal grey. 

New metallica C.T’S beer holder!!!

In Some countrys this is a sign of peace!!! Get ya guns out!

Got ink hanging out,post gig with sam colley,feed the rhino!! Representing!!!

Nothing better than a bit of toilet reading!!!


Photo of me kicking it outside my shop 2ndAvenue street boutique Get yo follow on eh!!! ;)

Photo by Sam Gee photography

If ya like ya music loud noisey and raw,go on over get a free downloa

I got ink! My star wars/guns n roses inspired piece,work in progress.phil denby@ institute studio gorleston,norfolk,uk.

Sometimes on a photoshoot you just need to stick a pole through ya lobe!!!

All wrapped up like sausage roll!! Just as tasty!!

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